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CaseCruzer is a world leader in reusable carrying case solutions serving  Aeronautics, Communications, Computers & Laptops, Electronics, Film & Broadcasting, Industrial, Medical, Photography & Videography, Transportation, and other markets. 

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August 21, 2023
New CaseCruzer Thunder-3 Sync 'N' Charge Mobile Stations Unveil Military-Grade Charging Solution for US Air Force iPad Devices
August 12, 2022
WineCruzer is Having a Summer Celebration in Honor of Pinot Noir Day With 7% Off Its 8-Pack PRO and Select Wine Carriers
Handgun Case Quick Draw Free Gift Certificate November 14, 2016
CaseCruzer Gives $30 Gift Certificate for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Re-Posts of Popular Quick Draw Professional Series Gun Cases
Drone Charging Station April 18, 2016
Mobile Drone Charging Station Helps Film Industry, Law Enforcement, and Racing Sports
KR3126-16 Shipping Case June 29, 2015
WineCruzer 8-Pack PRO provides safe travel for reds and whites
KR3126-16 Shipping Case May 5, 2015
KR3126-16 Carrying Case Lets Executives Travel with Equipment
KR3021-18 Shipping Cases January 28, 2015
KR3021-18 Shipping Case Just in Time for Tradeshow Season
Wine Carrier 8 Pro October 10, 2014
WineCruzer 8 Pro Protective Travel Case is Proven Top Wine Sales Tool
LH4514-06 Gun Case May 29, 2014
New Cost-Effective Weapons Case for Safe Transportation of Rifles
3 Multiple Handgun Case Quick Draw May 29, 2014
CaseCruzer Proves 3's a Charm with the Universal Range Handgun Case 3 Pack
Apple Mac Pro Case April 21, 2014
CaseCruzer Protects Beauty and Brains of New Mac Pro with Carrying Case Innovations
Race Gun Case 2 Pack January 22, 2014
Race Gun Competition Case Wins Best Protection Challenge
Multiple iPad Charging Station 10 Pack January 20, 2014
iPad & Mini Charging Station Boosts Tablet Conversion
Holiday Gift - Wine Carrier 8 Pro November 21, 2013
WineCruzer 8-Pack PRO Lifts the Holiday Spirit
4 Pack Shooting Range Handgun Case August 07, 2013
Universal Shooting Range Handgun Case Hits the Mark with Sportsmen
Phantom GoPro Case June 26, 2013
CaseCruzer new product: Phantom Quadcopter with GoPro Carrying Case
Custom iPad Charging Station June 21, 2013
CaseCruzer Re-charges Apple, Galaxy and Android Tablet Fleets with Customized Travel Charging Stations
Rifleman Radio Cases May 16, 2013
Rifleman Radio Carrying Case 24 pack.
prepper-handgun-case-2 April 11, 2013
CaseCruzer adds a touch of James Bond to the 2 Pack Quickdraw handgun Case.
Multiple iPad Mini Charging Station 20 April 1, 2013
20 Pack Mobile iPad Mini charging station.
KR20 AR Rifle Gun Case January 24, 2013
CaseCruzer AR rifle case prevents unauthorized use and protects weapons while in transist.
Magnum Shooting Range Case 6 January 04, 2013
CaseCruzer Celebrates 'Dirty Harry' with Magnum 6 Pack Shooting Range Handgun Case
5 Shooting Range Case November 13, 2012
5 Pack shooting range handgun carrying case
Quick Draw Handgun Case 6 June 8, 2012
The Zombie Quick Draw Universal Handgun Case allows for guns to be easily accessible. Carries 6 handguns and 12 magazines.
mobile multiple ipad charging station holds 10 iPads April 25, 2012
Mobile Multiple iPad Charging Station protects 10 iPads while they charge and during travel.
Gun Case Universal 2C Modular February 20, 2012
The Universal 2C Modular Shipping & Carrying Gun Case with a lockable storage compartment is designed to comply with laws governing the transportation of firearms and ammunition.
KR1914-08 June 27, 2014
CaseCruzer KR-1914-08 Carrying Case saves sensitive OEM digital devices from shipping damages.
WineCruzer 8 PRO wine carrier November 9, 2011
WineCruzer 8-Pack PRO wine carrier protects Vintage wine when up in the air.
KR1510-06 October 21, 2011
CaseCruzer KR1510-06 Carrying Case Protects Sensitive OEM Instruments against Transport Damage
KR10 Gun Carrying Case June 27, 2011
New KR10 Gun Carrying Case Gives Rifle Users Sleek, Economical Protection Against Motor Vehicle Firearms Violations
M16 12 Pack Gun Carrying Case June 13, 2011
New M16 12-Pack Gun Carrying Case Innovates Rifle Transport for Military, Law Enforcement and Private Security Firms
Medium Footlocker Case May 9, 2011
The new Footlocker Trunk is a tough, easy-to-use solution for securing essential personal items before a strike by an earthquake, hurricane or tsunami alters daily life.
Glock 19 Gun Carrying Case February 18, 2011
CaseCruzer Glock 19 Pistol case gives Police and Civilians Safe, Secure Travel and Storage
KR50 Gun Case December 29, 2010
CaseCruzer KR-50 Gun Carrying Case Helps Protect Hunters From Firearm Violations in Motor Vehicles.
WineCruzer Wine Carrier Case November 24, 2010
The List: 10 things chef David Adjey can’t live without. WineCruzer Carrying Case Tops Must-have List of Celebrity Chef.
PSC300 laptop & camera carrying case October 15, 2010
Mobile all-in-one PSC300 laptop & camera carrying case allows photographers to consolidate sensitive digital equipment.
Canon / Nikon Camera & Laptop Carrying Case
PSC200 October 4, 2010
PSC200 - Carry-on Apple laptop & camera case - Customized foam cut-out lid for Mac Books and padded dividers consolidate and protect sensitive digital equipment.
DoD emall September 14, 2010
The full line of CaseCruzer carrying cases for computers, electronics, medical devices and weaponry are now featured on the DoD Emall.
PSC100 all-in-one camera & laptop carrying case July 9, 2010
Universal PSC100 with padded dividers and universal sleeve for 13” to 17” laptops add rugged style to digital carrying case.
Camera & Laptop Carrying Case
2N2 GunPOD Gun Carrying Case March 10, 2010
Sportsmen "Double Date" with prized rifles and handuns when choosing the 2N2 GunPod gun carrying case.
KR20 Gun Carrying Case March 1, 2010
41" Long Universal weapons carrying case - interlocking convoluted foam
KR20 M4 M16 Gun Case February 5, 2010
KR20 M4-M16 universal gun case
CaseCruzer Deploys New ‘Top Kick’ GunCruzer KR-20 Case to Combat Terrorism at Home and Abroad
NiteCruzer 2 January 8, 2010
New NiteCruzer 2 an overnight carry-on/universal laptop case
K9 Storage Case January 5, 2010
Law Enforcement Agencies take control of explosives and federal controlled substances with the new K9 Evidence Storage Case System
Mac Pro Shockmount Rack December 14, 2009
New Apple Mac Pro computer gets travel upgrade with new Shock-proof portable Rack Case
iMac 27 Carrying Case December 7, 2009
New iMac 27 carrying case allows graphic arts professionals to safely travel with their new Apple computer.
2N2 GunPOD Gun Carrying Case October 22, 2009
The universal 2N2 GunPOD gun case is designed for those sportsmen who like to mix and match rifles, shotguns and handguns - Just pack it all up in the new GunCruzer 2N2 GunPOD Universal Weapons Case and wheel it to your destination.
Universal Handgun 5 Pack Case September 14, 2009
New 5 Pack Universal pistol / gun case field-tested carrying case can store up to five guns and 10 mags.
Emergency Carrying Case Footlocker Small August 14, 2009
New large Emergency Footlocker carrying case allows families and businesses to prepare for disasters.
College Trunk Small August 14, 2009 - Large College Trunk / Campus Footlocker tough, mobile storage trunk rolls with the punches from Feshman year to graduation day.
Sony XDCAM EX 3 Case January 26, 2009 - Sony PMW EX 3 camera case - Mobile protective case allows videographers and filmmakers to picture a secure High Definition world.
College Trunk December 17, 2008 - XL College Trunk / Campus Footlocker gives college students mobility, storage space and security.
Military Footlocker December 14, 2008 - XL Military Footlocker - provides service men and women protection of personal belongings and battle gear.
Emergency Footlocker December 1, 2008 - XL Emergency Footlocker - Waterproof mobile carrying case protects valuable personal documents.
Universal Handgun 6 Pack Case November 24, 2008 - Universal Hand Gun Case - GunCruzer Universal 6-Pack Gun Case Safeguards Handgun Transport for Collectors, Sportsmen and Law Enforcers
Mobile File Cabinet Case September 12, 2008 - Mobile File Cabinet - Carrying Case Protects Sensitive Documents During Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Rescue Missions
Laptop Case Dell 6 Pack August 20, 2008 - Dell Latitude 6-Pack Case Protects Emergency Management Communications Against Internal and External Threats
Motorola XTS-5000 6 Pack Case July 31, 2008 - Motorola XTS-5000 6-Pack Carrying Case is First to Respond to Critical Missions
Red Apple StudioCruzer July 21, 2008 - CaseCruzer introduces the Red Apple StudioCruzer Carry-On
1490 Apple LaptopCruzer June 26, 2008 - CaseCruzer - Laptop Case Delivers Stylish Protection for MacBook Pro Road Warriors
iMCruzer Case March 3 , 2008 - iMCruzer - Carrying & Shipping Case for Apple iMac 20" & 24" computers


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