Multiple iPad Stations for Secure Charging, Storage & Travel

Multiple iPad Charging Station Carts & Mobile Multi Tablet Carrying Cases

The CaseCruzer Multiple iPad Charging Station is ideal for IT and MIS professionals. The rugged portable solution is designed to withstand harsh weather and the rigors of the road. The iPad charging carts can be locked down while they are charging.

Mobile Charging Station Features: Read MoreiPad Charging Station 10 Specs

Multiple iPad Charging Station 5 Pack

5 iPad Mini - Universal

Carry On Size Universal iPad Mini Charging Station

Starting at $1130

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iPad 6 Pack Charging Station

6 iPad Mini - USB

USB Multiple iPad Mini Charging Station

Price $1190

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iPad Charging Station 6 Pack 9.7 Inch to 10.5 Inch

6 iPad 9.7" 10.5"

Six pack iPad Charging Station charges iPad 9.7" up to the iPad Pro 10.5".

Please call 909-613-1999 for more
information about PN: IT-6-PACK-2218-12

iPad Pro 6 Pack Charging Station

iPad & iPad Pro - 6 Pack

Charging station allows for six iPads or 12.9" iPad Pros to be charged using USB ports.

Price $1057

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Multiple iPad Charging Station - Charges 10 iPads

10 Pack

Mobile Charging Station options for iPad Mini, 9.7", 10.2", 10.5", iPad Pro 11", or 12.9"

Price $1305

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USB iPad Charge Station 10 Pack

10 Pack- USB

iPad 10.2", 9.7" or Mini Charging Station with USB ports

Price $2269

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iPad Pro Charging Station USB 10 Pack

iPad Pro - 10 Pack

Charge ten 10.5" or 12.9" iPad Pros (lightning) with the USB Charging Station.

Price $2508

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iPad Mini Charging Station 20 Pack

20 Pack

Charging Station for iPad Mini, 9.7", 10.2", 10.5", iPad Pro 11" or 12.9"

Price $1791

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Multiple USB Type C Charging Station - Charges 20 iPads

20 Pack - USB

USB port Charging Station for either iPad 10.2", 9.7" or iPad Mini

Price $3253

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USB iPad Pro Charging Station 20 Pack

iPad Pro - 20 Pack

USB port Charging Station for 10.5" or iPad Pro 12.9" (lightning)

Price $4095

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USB iPad Charging Station 20 Pack

30 Pack - USB

USB Charging Station for iPad, Mini or other tablets

Price $4877

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iPad Syncing and Charging Station 15 Pack

Sync 'N' Charge 15

iPad or Mini Station - 15 Pack

Price $4914

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EFB iPad Data Transfer Sync & Charging Station 15

USAF EFB Secure Data Transfer Station

iPad Mini with Pivot Cover Station - 15 Pack

Price $4914

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iPad Charging Station for Classroom

School Solutions

Classroom iPad Charging Station for iPad with Kiddie Case - 10 pack

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Chromebook Charging Station 8 Pack


Charging station will charge and transport eight Chromebooks.

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MacBook Pro Charging Station 10 Pack


Charging station charges up to ten Macbooks, Macbook Pros, or Macbook Airs.

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Multiple Samsung Tablet Charging Station


Charging station charges and stores up to 12 Samsung tablets.

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Multi Apple iPad Charging Station

Custom Solutions

Charging station can be customized for various tablets including the Apple iPad, iPad Mini, Galaxy, etc. Please call 909-613-1999 for more information.

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iPad Shipping & Carrying Cases

These cases are designed to protects iPads or iPad Minis with individual cutouts for chargers. Cases are padlockable, airtight, watertight, and dustproof.

Carrying Case Features

iPad Cases Specs
iPad 8 Pack Carrying Case

8 Pack

PN: IPD-221912-8PACK

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iPad 10 Pack Cases

10 Pack

PN: IPD-221912-10PACK

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iPad 12 Pack Case

12 Pack

PN: IPD-262016-12PACK

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iPad 16 Pack Transport Case

16 Pack

PN: IPD-322112-16PACK

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Multiple iPad Case - 20 Pack

20 Pack

PN: IPD-322116-20PACK

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Mobile Charging Station Features:

iPad Charging Station 10 Specs
Shock Protection - Tablets are held in place and protected against the damages caused by impact and vibration.
No Elevator? No Problem! GO WHERE A CART WON’T LET YOU
Convenient handle locations allow for one or two individuals to transport, whether loading into a vehicle or going up stairs.
Theft Prevention - Additional interior door is lockable and provides inventory control while tablets charge.
Keep up with Technology - Interior and standard electronics can be upgraded to allow for future tablet models and power supplies.
USA - Customer support, engineering, and manufacturing done in the USA.
Safe for Shipping - CaseCruzer iPad Charging Stations are airline safe and can be shipped via FedEx and UPS.
Weatherproof - Rain or shine, transport tablets from building to building with CaseCruzer weatherproof charging stations.
Smaller Footprint Than a Cart - Compact & can be stacked up to 5 high. Charging Stations can fit through doorways & be easily stored in a closet.
Sync 'N' Charge - When Wi-Fi is not enough, CaseCruzer offers the 15 Pack Sync’N’Charge solution with hard wire syncing.
Built to Fit Your Needs - Custom solutions can be designed for your tablets (iPad, Chromebook, Galaxy, etc.), covers, additional routers, laptops, and accessories.
K-12 School Charging Stations - From large tablets with Kiddie covers to small tablets with no covers CaseCruzer has solutions for different classroom needs.
Mobile - Wheels and pull handle make charging stations portable.
Shipping and Carrying Cases - Transport tablets with the protection they need in CaseCruzer Carrying Cases.
Montclair, California, 91763
P: (909) 613-1999
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