Modular 8 or 10 Pack Multiple Laptop Carrying Case

Case protects laptops and allows for storage of accessories. Case available as an 8 pack or a 10 pack laptop carrying case.

8 Pack Laptop Carrying Case


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10 Pack Laptop Shipping Case


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8/10 Pack Multiple Laptop Carrying Case Specifications:

Outside Dimensions:

8 Pack:

10 Pack:

31.63" L x 20.50 " W x 15.75 " H

33.66"L x 28.75 "W x 16.75 "H
Empty Weight:

8 Pack:

10 Pack:

29 Lbs.

41 Lbs.
Carry-on No - Check-in only
Safety feature Lockable
Wheels Yes
Pullout handle Yes
Color Black
Warranty Lifetime
Please contact us at: 1-800-440-9925 for more information

Laptop Carrying Case - 8 Pack / 10 Pack

The Modular Multiple Laptop Carrying Case by CaseCruzer is available in 8 pack or 10 pack configuration. Built to order for most 13" to 17 " display laptops.  It also includes separate compartments for power cords and other accessories. 

Because mobility and speed are important, the KR multiple laptop case is equipped with comfortable rubber over-molded top and side handles, an extendable handle, exterior mounted urethane wheels, and easy-to-open latches make it a snap to access laptops.

The custom-fit interior simplifies your logistics since its speed mobilization because personnel can quickly take inventory of required equipment.  Easy to account for return of all issued laptops, which can quickly be repackaged for shipment to the next trade show or assignment. Missing gear is identified in seconds, due to the signature shape of empty interior cutouts.

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