Chromebook Charging Stations & Carrying Cases

Charge Multiple Chromebooks

Multiple Chromebooks can be charged simultaneously so they’re up and running for academic learning the next school day.

Mobile Chromebook Charging Station

Chromebook Charging Station Waterproof

Lockable Charging StationLockable Interior Door

Theft prevention at schools is a real struggle. Lockable interior door allows for much needed inventory control and ventilation meanwhile Chromebooks charge.

Chromebook Charging Station Waterproof

Waterproof Charging Station Weatherproof

CaseCruzer charging stations are weather resistant, which allow for worry free transport between buildings.


Wheels and pullout handle make charging stations portable since they allow teachers to easily transport multiple laptops wherever they need to go.

Chromebook Charging Cart

Don't Let Stairs Stop You!

Go Further Than a Cart

Multiple handles and wheels provide for stress-free travel by car or even up a flight of stairs.

Small Enough for Closet Storage

Chromebook charging stations have a compact design that allows for walking through doorways & conveniently storing in small spaces.

Chromebook Charging Cart Fits in Closet

Stackable up to 5 Units High

Is space a real issue? Stack ‘em up to make ample space in storage closets. A maximum of five charging stations can be stacked.

Chromebook Charging Station

Chromebooks Up To 12-1/2” Long:

Chromebook Charging Cart 5 Pack

Charge 5 Chromebooks

Charge and protect 5 Chromebooks up to 12-1/2” long.

Ext. Dims.: 24.18" x 15.52" x 13.65"

PN: IT-5-CHR-2416

Call (909) 613-1999
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Multiple Chromebook Charging Station 10 Pack

Charge 10 Chromebooks

Charging station allows for ten Chromebooks to be charged.

Ext. Dims.: 26.50" x 26.54" x 15.65"

PN: IT-10-CHR-2727

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Chromebooks Up To 17” Long:

Chromebook Charging 5 Pack Large

Chromebook 5 Pack

Charge and protect 5 Chromebooks up to 17” long.

Ext. Dims.: 32.08" x 16.68" x 15.87"

PN: IT-5-LAP-3317

Call (909) 613-1999
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Chromebook Charging Station 8 Large

8 Pack

Charging Station for eight Chromebooks.

Ext. Dims.: 33.71" x 28.53" x 16.37"

PN: IT-8-LAP-3429

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Multi Chromebook Charging Cart 10 Large

Chromebook 10 Pack

Charging station allows for ten Chromebooks to be charged with dimensions up to 17".

Ext. Dims.: 33.71" x 28.53" x 16.37"

PN: IT-10-LAP-3530

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Chromebooks Carrying Cases (For 11" to 15” Screen Sizes):

Chromebook Carrying Case 6 Pack

5 / 6 Chromebooks

Carry up to 6 Chromebooks.

Ext. Dims.: 24.18" x 15.52" x 13.65"

PN: CHR-251615-6PACK

Price: $394.76

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Chromebook Carrying Case 8 Pack

8 Chromebooks

Transport 8 Chromebooks.

Ext. Dims.: 25.63" x 19.50" x 15.63"

PN: CHR-252009-8PACK

Price $453.59

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Chromebook Shipping Case 10 Pack

10 Chromebooks

Ship 10 Chromebooks.

Ext. Dims.: 31.52" x 20.53" x 15.70"

PN: CHR-262016-10PACK

Price $599.06

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