Multi VR Smartphone Charging Stations - 20 Phone Charging Station

Charging Solutions for Virtual Reality Smartphones including iPhone, iPod and Android.

The VR Smartphone Charging Station lets you put together the perfect Google Expedition Kit. Charges and stores up to 20 smartphones including: iPhone, iPod Touch, Asus Zenfone, Samsung Galaxy, Google phone & Pixel 2, Android, etc. Compact size allows for easy storing in classrooms. VR Smartphone Charging Station can be closed and locked meanwhile charging. Charging station comes with internal fan to control heat dissipation.

For a Custom Phone Charging Stations, please call 1-800-440-9925.

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Multiple VR Phone Charging Station - No Wheels

PART NUMBER (No Wheels): VR20-PHONE-2117*

PRICE: $1592

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**Restocking fee of 20% applies to this product.

Multi Smartphone Charging Station - With Wheels

PART NUMBER (With Wheels): VR20-PHONE-2117PHW*

PRICE: $1705

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**Restocking fee of 20% applies to this product.

20 Smartphone Charging Station Specs:

Outside Dimensions: No Wheels: 20.25" L x 16.93" W x 8.78" H
With Wheels: 21.26" L x 16.75" W x 9.83" H
Empty Weight: No Wheels: 16 Lbs.
With Wheels: 22 Lbs.
EZ-PACK 'N' SHIP Airline, FedEx & UPS Safe
Mobility Option Available with or without pull out handle & wheels
Power USB 20 Port 110V AC
Safety Feature Lockable
Charging Station Color: Black
Please contact us at: 1-800-440-9925 for more information

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