Multiple iPad Charging Station 10 Pack Press Release

Montclair, California - August 24, 2015

CaseCruzer iPad & Mini Charging Station 10 Protects the Devices That Help Students Foster Creativity and Innovation

Durable charging station provides theft prevention, protection, and easy transport

CaseCruzer continues to be plugged into education technology with its mobile charging station. The durable enclosure charges, locks down, and protects tablets while making it easy for teachers to transport the devices from classroom to classroom.

The iPad & Mini Charging Station 10 arrives at a time when tablet use in schools is expected to expand to 900,000 units by 2016, up from 430,000. Educators see evidence of enhanced learning, innovation, and creativity among students – the main reasons for bringing technology into schools. CaseCruzer knows these elements are vital to a successful learning environment. It not only protects the iPad tablets that help boost student creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, but also lets teachers re-charge the devices throughout the school day.

CaseCruzer applauds school leaders as they continue to encourage students to develop their own creativity and be responsible for their own success. In the real world, creativity and innovation are essential. For professionals, the need to provide fresh, unique, original ideas are essential to every organization and institution, no matter the industry or line of work. And it’s important that students function similarly to how professionals do for an even more successful future.

CaseCruzer has too applied creativity and innovation in developing its charging station by keeping educational leaders in mind. The iPad & Mini Charging Station 10 was designed with 10 vertical storage bays, which is the best way to guard against impact, shock, and vibration. The mobile tablet carrier also boasts a generous accessory compartment. It’s airtight, watertight, dustproof and corrosion proof. And of equal importance, it comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

“At CaseCruzer, we truly value and respect the need for education leaders to take the necessary time and acquire the right information so they get the best value out of every decision. Our team is dedicated and willing to guide those in the ed-tech procurement process - in the right direction,” says Tatiana Briceno, Marketing Director at CaseCruzer. “Helping to facilitate this process is very important to us.”

Ease of use and mobility are key for teachers who must transport tablets. The charging station comes with a pull-out handle, fitted side handles, and embedded wheels to make transport of devices a breeze. Exterior dimensions are 25.63" L x 19.5" W x 15.63" H and weighs 36.5 lbs when empty. Proudly made in the USA.

When traveling by air to teachers’ conferences or other educational events, the charging station must be checked in with other baggage. Black only.

For schools that prefer to use tablet covers for the iPad & Mini Charging Station 10, sharing dimensions allows for a perfect fit. When ordering, please specify the type of protective case cover being used.

Tablet mobility lets students engage in continuous learning wherever they are and getting students attuned to these devices now will help them in the future. Tablets in the classroom continue to reshape the way students have been learning - allowing them to collaborate, think critically, and creatively. It is also important to create a culture of innovation.

The iPad & Mini Charging Station 10 proves once again that where there is a need, there is CaseCruzer.

CaseCruzer offers a wide array of products within the electronics and technology markets such as: tablet charging stations; rack & hard drive cases; as well as other solutions to meet the needs of IT and MIS professionals. For more information on the 10 Pack iPad Charging Station, please visit; call 800-440-9925 in the U.S. or 909-613-1999 internationally; fax 909-465-5598; or write to CaseCruzer at 4665 State Street, Montclair, CA 91763.

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