Carrying Case KR2213-12 - KR Series

The KR2213-12 carrying case, like all KR Series Cases, is airtight, watertight and made in the USA. Carrying case is available empty or with foam. Lifetime warranty.

Case Specifications

Airtight Carrying Case without Foam - Empty

PART NUMBER (No Foam): KR2213-12-E

PRICE $202.34

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Carrying Case with Foam

PART NUMBER (Cubed Foam): KR2213-12-F

PRICE $259.41

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KR2213-12 Carrying Case Specifications:

Inside Dimensions: 22.00 " L x 13.00 " W x 12.00 " H
Outside Dimensions: 24.18" L x 15.51 " W x 13.64 " H
Empty Weight: 16.3 Lbs.
Mobility Option Yes - Pull Out Handle & Wheels
Carry-on No - Check-in Only
Warranty Lifetime
Color: Black
Please contact us at: 1-800-440-9925 for more information
Lockable Case

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