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New CaseCruzer Mobile Charging Station is Designed to Empower Pros who Innovate with iPad


Latest charging solution Amps up enterprises by powering iPad Pros

New CaseCruzer iPad Pro Charging Station 10 Pack ensures professionals across many industries including IT & MIS, can take full advantage of the mobility, storing and recharging that encompass the station. Finally, a charging station that provides more than enough energy to support up to ten new power-hungry Apple™ OEM USB-C Type fast chargers. Its enhanced security means it protects and keeps devices away from intruders.

iPad Pro 10 pack mobile station is highly versatile. It brings ten vertical saddles that guard against shock, impact and vibration. Slots accommodate both 11” and 12.9” models of iPad Pro. They fit snugly in the 10 Pack iPad Pro Charging Station even when paired with Smart Keyboard Folio™ and other tablet covers. For safety reasons and to help with heat dissipation during charge, the exterior lid is kept open while the interior door can be locked. Both interior and exteriors have their own sets of steel flanges that can be secured with heavy-duty padlocks for theft-proof charging of iPads. This makes it simple to power up devices meanwhile keeping them shielded. A double set of locks keep out double the trouble.

Just as Apple has retained a brand presence that coincides with functionality, CaseCruzer too has a reputation that is well-known for its practical and useful products. And like Apple, it’s also abundant with capability. “CaseCruzer charging stations represent a value proposition that entails blending mobile packaging with technology to arrive at a solution that ultimately secures and powers the latest tech devices. This greatly benefits end-users in the corporate sector and those within many different fields and professions,” says Tatiana Briceno, CaseCruzer Marketing Director.

With iPad Pro Mobile Charging Station 10, CaseCruzer innovatively keeps these high-end machines juiced so that professionals can focus even more on developing their skills on-the-go and work from virtually anywhere. That’s possible for travelers because devices can be transported in the charging station by plane, train, or truck. The product can also be shipped safely via FedEx & UPS with Ez-Pack ‘N’ Ship.

Thus, the charging station 10 Pack gives new meaning to having “something powerful” at one’s fingertips: ten Apple™ iPad Pros – so prepare to have the “best iPads ever” charged and pumped up at the office, tradeshows, conferences, and meetings. With the popularity of iPad Pro, it’s no wonder IT professionals advocate for a lightweight, portable, and intuitive tablet.

The new Charging Station 10 Pack evolves into a solution that changes how businesses travel with tablets and many enterprises are thankful for this. CaseCruzer makes cruising within airports hassle-free with its convenient wheels and pull handle. IT departments are more productive since iPads are easy to deploy and stations help with inventory management. A pressure equalization valve, latches and O-ring seal make the 10 Pack airtight, watertight and dustproof. Exterior dims: 26.50" L x 26.50" W x 15.63" H. Weight is 46 lbs. when empty. Color: black. Comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Proudly made in the USA.

Charging is a breeze with the 10 Pack. Simply connect USB-C cable with 18W USB-C power adapter and plug into accompanying 110V AC power strip. The new backward compatible 10 Pack will support previous iPad models. Older power supplies can be mixed-and-matched with lightning cable.

Creativity and innovation are essential in the workplace and all ingenious work needs to be highly protected while traveling. CaseCruzer is there to help along the way.

CaseCruzer offers a wide array of products within the electronics and technology markets such as tablet charging stations; rack & hard drive cases; as well as other solutions to meet the needs of IT and MIS professionals. For more information on the new Charging Station, please visit; call (800) 440-9925 in the U.S. or (909) 613-1999 internationally; fax (909) 613-1979; or write to CaseCruzer at 4665 State Street, Montclair, CA 91763.

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