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New CaseCruzer Chromebook Charging Station 10 Pack Protects the Laptops that Serve as Learning Tools for Students


Universal protection against exterior damage and theft gives educators budget buying power

CaseCruzer takes away the hassle of protecting tech devices with its mobile Chromebook Charging Station 10 Pack. Whether it’s a Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung or another Chromebook brand, the charging station allows the laptops to sit vertically in individual saddles and prevents them from shifting side to side. Multiple Chromebooks can be refreshed in the classroom or off campus. A lock-down system can be employed to protect against theft.

By absorbing vibration and hard knocks, teachers and IT support personnel can freely roll the charging station between classrooms or travel without worry by train, van or plane to educational events. And best of all, the Chromebook Charging Station 10 Pack can go where a charging cart can’t - into a vehicle or up the stairs, through doorways and it can be easily stored in a closet. Educators and students can plug the charger and cable into the safe 110V AC power strip.  Set-up is fast, functionality is exceptional, and each unit comes with a lifetime warranty.

Technology Directors, Curriculum Directors, and Chief Academic Officers save money by protecting expensive hardware. The interior lid of the mobile charging station can be secured with padlocks - even while laptops are charging. The exterior lid; however, cannot be closed while laptops charge. Six flanges allow the exterior lid to be padlocked while the Chromebooks are being stored or are in transit. Includes embedded wheels and a pull-out handle for steering.

CaseCruzer has you covered. We understand technology expands classroom learning yet innovations create budget concerns. Curriculum Directors, Principals, Superintendents and Chief Purchasing Officers may need some guidance when making choices. Our goal is to offer rugged, economic transport solutions for school districts. CaseCruzer customizes charging stations for districts that prefer encasement protection for their own laptop and tablet brands as well,” says Tatiana Briceno, CaseCruzer Marketing Director.

Also, she adds, the widespread use and availability of apps allow teachers and technicians to constantly update and customize learning tools. This continues to be a big leap away from the heavy traditional textbooks that fill student’s backpacks. Investing in technology and reusable transport and mobile charging stations makes an enduring impression on young minds.

The 10 Pack Chromebook Charging Station exterior dimensions are 32.94” L x 23.53” W x 18.87” H and weighs only 57 lbs. It also includes an ambient pressure equalization valve, high-quality latches, and O-ring seal that make the station watertight, airtight and dustproof. Proudly made in the USA. This is an Ez-Pack ‘N’ Ship product that is safe to transport via airlines, FedEx and UPS.

CaseCruzer carrying case and charging station solutions express their 21st Century motto. “We’ve got you covered.” In the classroom, on the road and in the office and home.

CaseCruzer offers a wide array of products within the electronics and technology markets such as tablet charging stations; rack & hard drive cases; as well as other solutions to meet the needs of IT and MIS professionals. For more information on the Chromebook Charging Station 10 Pack, please visit; call (800) 440-9925 in the U.S. or (909) 613-1999 internationally; fax (909) 613-1979; or write to CaseCruzer at 4665 State Street, Montclair, CA 91763.

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