KR30 Series Gun Carrying & Shipping Case

The KR30 case is an airtight, waterproof, hard case with easy trigger latches and a lifetime warranty. Gun case can hold weapons up to 42" in length. Carrying case is available empty, with solid foam or with convoluted foam (egg-crate style).
CaseCruzer- Geared for Travel

Case Specifications

KR30 Gun Case without Foam - Empty

PART NUMBER (No Foam): KR4217-07-E

PRICE $258.96

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KR30 Gun Case with Foam - Solid

PART NUMBER (Solid Foam): KR4217-07-F

PRICE $305.00

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KR30 Gun Case with Convoluted Foam

PART NUMBER (Egg crate style): KR30-GUN

PRICE $391.06

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KR30 Gun Case Specifications:

Inside Dimensions: 42.50 "L x 17.00"W x 7.50"H
Empty Weight: 20.30 Lbs.
Mobility Option Yes - Folding Handle & Wheels
Carry-on No - Check-in Only
Warranty Lifetime
Color: Black
Please contact us at: 1-800-440-9925 for more information
Lockable Case

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