KR10 Series Gun Carrying Case

The KR10 Carrying Case is airtight and waterproof. This gun case features easy trigger latches and lifetime warranty. Available with solid foam, convoluted foam, or empty. Case accepts padlocks and is air & watertight and features a pressure release valve. Made in USA.

Case Specifications

KR10 Gun Case without Foam - Empty

PART NUMBER (No Foam): KR3615-06-E

PRICE $189.04

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KR10 Gun Case with Foam - Solid

PART NUMBER (Solid Foam): KR3615-06-F

PRICE $224.89

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Convoluted Foam - Egg crate style

PART NUMBER (Convoluted Foam): KR10-GUN

PRICE $288.77

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KR10 Gun Case Specifications:

Inside Dimensions: 36.56" L x 14.50" W x 6.00 " H
Outside Dimensions: 39.04" L x 16.81 " W x 6.84" H
Empty Weight: 15 Lbs.
Mobility Option Yes - Folding Handle & Wheels
Carry-on No - Check-in Only
Warranty Lifetime
Color: Black
Please contact us at: 1-800-440-9925 for more information
Lockable Case

CaseCruzer- Geared for Travel

The GunCruzer KR-10 reusable case protects target and “social” shooters who transport auto-loading, bolt-action rifles and shotguns across state lines.  The case also accommodates law enforcement personnel who must haul weaponry such as M4 SOPMODs, carbines, sub-machine guns between neighboring states.  Suitable for firearms — with scopes and mounts — that does not exceed 36” in length, including many sporterized rifles.


To inquire about custom gun case solutions please call: 1- 800- 440- 9925.

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